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Paul for Pierre School Board

Paul for Pierre School Board



SLOGAN "Vote Paul, he will ASSIST your student to achieve their best potential"

As a candidate for the Pierre School Board here are my goals if elected. My slogan says "He will ASSIST your student achieve their best potential." I love acronyms because it is a way for one word to mean multiple things. ASSIST stands for: Accountability, Standards, Shape, Improvement, Support, and Technology.


Holding students, teachers, administrators, and parents responsible for their actions.


Standards of education are set by state and federal laws or regulations. As a board we should review standards and ensure they make our students competitive in the world economy. Ensure standards established to protect students are also followed.


Molding students to become productive and successful members of our community beginning at Early Kindergarten through graduation


Assessing the needs of the students to compete in the world economy and ensuring the teachers, students, and parents have the tools and resources needed to advance beyond graduation. We should strive to be and offer the best.


The African Proverb says "It takes a village to raise a child." The truth is to grow and nurture our future we need community support. My goal will be to look for community outreach and support to develop not only an academically strong future but a community focused future.


The world continues to innovate and develop new technologies. Our students need to be able to compete in the future. We should focus on advancing current technologies and looking towards the future.


About Me

Born and raised on the east coast I have called Pierre my home since 2006. During my school years I grew up in Florida, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. I have been in large schools where you are "just a number" to small schools where teachers know you by name.

My best friend Bree and I were married in 2007 and she has blessed me with four beautiful children, Isabella (14, 8th Grade), Liam (11, 6th Grade), Gianna (5, Kindergarten), and Emiliana (3).

I have served in the Army National Guard since 2001.

In 2016, after returning to college remotely as a non-traditional student, I graduated with my Bachalor of Science from Clarion Univeristy of Pennsylvania. I work full time for the South Dakota Division of Banking as a License Examiner. I am a certified Mortgage, Money Service Business, and Consumer Protection Examiner for the State of South Dakota.